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The Truth about CAPTCHA (and our alternative)

Filed under Helpful Information by on 8/15/2016

Every day on the internet, we are asked to fill out web form after web form; one to access a website, another to enter our personal contact information, another to ask a question. This is otherwise known as the CAPTCHA Code. CAPTCHA stands for "C...
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Website Promotion

Filed under Helpful Information by on 5/01/2013

As I tell my clients, and I may have mentioned here in the past, traditional SEO is dead. If you are still paying for someone to build links and articles for your site, you may be doing more harm than good. Unfortunately, SEO companies are still ...
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The Monster Behind the Tech

Filed under Helpful Information by on 5/19/2012

Technology is great, but when it gets in the way it can be a pain. When I see technology that is there to "just be there" or its retrofitted into something it wasn't originally meant for it makes me wonder. The tech we use must not turn into a mo...
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Print Revolution- QR Codes

Filed under Helpful Information by on 5/12/2011

We all have heard about how the print industry is constantly losing ground to other information technologies. The funny thing is, that every once in a while the very technology that threatens a conventional industry, ends up returning some life b...
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5 Steps To Build Your Website

Filed under Helpful Information by on 5/16/2010

Taking on the task of building a web site can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Here are 5 steps to help make your project successful. Select a Host You will need a Web Host to store and deliver your website to visitors. There are a...
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My Website Development Rules

Filed under Helpful Information by on 5/19/2009

Maybe its better stated, "Rules for my websites!" When developing a new website there are some guidelines to consider before starting the project. After all, we want our project to be a success, after development, and into the future as well. For...
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Can I Get a Cheaper Website Somewhere Else?

Filed under Helpful Information by on 5/18/2009

Yes, you can! I will even tell you how. All you have to do is go to Google and search for "$199 Website." You will then have 1.9 million links to swim through. Once you have selected a company/website that you feel offers the best deal, send them...
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Increase Website Exposure for "Free"

Filed under Helpful Information by on 5/28/2008

Lately, I was considering doing some website promoting for a couple of my sites. As with most things I do, I always try to accomplish it as economical as possible. While doing some research on the internet, I came across a forum web site targeted...
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