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Can I Get a Cheaper Website Somewhere Else?

Filed under Helpful Information by on 5/18/2009

Yes, you can! I will even tell you how. All you have to do is go to Google and search for "$199 Website." You will then have 1.9 million links to swim through. Once you have selected a company/website that you feel offers the best deal, send them your 199 dollars, company name, contact information, specifications and then, all you have to do is wait.

Then you wait some more. One thing you might not realize is that while you are doing all this waiting, your website project is circling the globe in cyber space, looking for the most desperate programmer. The next time your project is viewed by a human being, most likely located in India, it probably will not be the same project. Blues usually become green, ten pages get chopped to three and text is all rearranged from being translated into twelve different languages. The good new is, form here on the process goes very quickly. You have to complete a lot of $10 websites to make ends-meet in India. The rest of the money, $189, is pocketed by the original company for doing almost no work on your project.

Finally, the email you've been waiting for! "Dear so and so, your website is done. Go here to view it: www.yoursite.com." The website of your dreams is finally done. You go to your site and...and...wait...its loading...slowly...from India...done. What's this you say? Must be some mistake, this can't be your website. It's all wrong, and it looks like something a grade school student did for a class project, using Microsoft Word.

So next you contact the company that supposedly built your site, only to find out that there are no refunds. You are basically stuck with this website. Your next step is back to OhioWebPro.com. Here you hire me to redo your project for a reasonable rate knowing that I offer a 100% guarantee on all work, and that I am not satisfied till you are. Not one of my projects circle the globe, or leave my computer for that matter.

Yes, this is all true. There are many so-called web design companies that outsource projects overseas. This is also true with advertising agencies who offer web sites. I get email every week from companies based in other countries, offering outsourcing options. Delete.

I mean no offense to any designer/company overseas, there are many that do a great job. It's the fact the a third party is brought into the project, most of the time without you knowing. It's because of cultural diversity, where a saying or common element is well known here, but the meaning is lost in translation. Sure, they may speak English fluently, but do they understand your business, located here in the USA?

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