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Filed under Helpful Information by on 5/01/2013

As I tell my clients, and I may have mentioned here in the past, traditional SEO is dead. If you are still paying for someone to build links and articles for your site, you may be doing more harm than good. Unfortunately, SEO companies are still selling this even though almost 2 years ago Google themselves warned about this publicly. Why do they still sell this? Because business owners have heard of SEO and want a good deal... and traditional SEO is cheap when outsourced overseas. I know what it really costs, I have been involved in it in the past.

This is why I want to introduce you to my new online web promotion program. While it still has elements of SEO that are safe AND future proof, it focuses on results… traceable results with our software, not just links to your sites that only a search engine will ever find. It builds content... quality content and creates a following for that content and a “buzz” in the online community for what your site offers. This is done by a professional team of writers and online marketing specialists, and you can track the work flow from start to finish using our online software. You will also have access to all work, images, videos and blog entries along with their locations, all on quality websites. This is a great program, and as many of you know me personally, it takes a lot to get me excited about marketing with me being a programmer! Please email me if you wish to discuss.


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