Why We are Different

Website development is always changing. It's not a profession. Some will tell you it is something that a marketing company offers. Others will tell you that it is the job of an IT professional. I hear a lot about graphic designers and how they develop sites. Is it the job of a graphic designer? Nope. It is the accumulation of a team that each have their own specific skillset.

  1. Websites are meant to pull in visitors and convert them into customers but you don’t want to hire a marketing consultant.
  2. Websites that are aesthetically pleasing are popular and strengthen your brand but you don’t want a graphic designer.
  3. Websites are technical, but you don’t want an IT guy building your website.

Instead you want a company that can manage all three areas and seamlessly work them into one project.


If your Web Developer is not interested in your company, customers and competitors, fire them.

Your website should have a clear purpose, provide value, and have a call to action. This is the preliminary work that the best programmers and designer do not want to do. Yet it may be the most important part of web development.

Graphic Design

If your Web Developer does not start with a design concept, fire them.

More than likely a programmer is not going to start with a Photoshop concept of your website. A marketing consultant is not going to have the skills to take a custom design and convert into a website. But the graphic designer needs the help of both of them. We take a great design and make it work.


If your Web Developer does not have a discussion about which CMS or eCommerce system to use, fire them.

Your website should have a content management system (CMS). Some companies fit you into the only CMS or eCommerce platform they use. There are many out there and each has pros and cons. It depends on your needs and the industry your business is in as to which is best for you. We have the technical ability to work on any platform or create a custom system if needed.

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