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The Truth about CAPTCHA (and our alternative)

Filed under Helpful Information by on 8/15/2016

Every day on the internet, we are asked to fill out web form after web form; one to access a website, another to enter our personal contact information, another to ask a question. This is otherwise known as the CAPTCHA Code. CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" (You learn something new every day!) and often accompanies most modern web forms. It is very likely that you have entered a CAPTCHA code before and not realized that this was CAPTCHA. This code, most often a word challenge you have to retype or picture puzzle you have to solve, proves you are indeed an actual person and not a website crawling spam bot. Programs and bots that crawl the internet spamming forms is a serious issue because once they gain access they can spam every hour of the day from all over the world, causing real issues.

Unfortunately, CAPTCHA can be confusing and often does not work correctly, frustrating visitors enough to have them leave the website. This is a nightmare for website owners. So why do we still have to respond to CAPTCHA codes on most forms? First off, most of the general public is not aware that the benefits of CAPTCHA have been replaced by another method. Second, Google still pushes the use of CAPTCHA to collect data and have the general public decode puzzles for them. Fortunately, there is a CAPTCHA alternative!

Here at Ohio Web Pro Design we have designed an alternative solution to weeding out all spam from website crawlers and bots! This program is simple and incredibly effective. In a different style web form, the program generates an input field which is absolutely hidden from the human web visitor. This hidden field is the type which spam-bots cannot resist filling out. Later, when processing the form, the program detects and alerts the program user that the field has been filled out, and if so, it is marked as spam/bot! However rare, and just as with the CAPTCHA program, if it is an actual person sending you the spam, not a bot, the human-spam will get through the program. Our alternative solution can monitor and track all of your website's web forms and flag the spam, which lets you avoid all the troubles that go along with spamming. This program designed by Ohio Web Pro Design is best new way for a website owner to not get spammed or hacked by a negative web crawler, and fortunately it is a CAPTCHA alternative, free of all the confusion and frustration!

If you are having issues with spam on your website and would like use our method, please contact us.

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